Monday, 28 July 2014

"Tree in the Mountains"

I'm very proud to present to you my newest work. I've just finished it today, so you're up to date with what I am doing right now. I've been working on it for more than a week and it's a result of my reflections about the humbling beauty of mountains.

The tree you see is a metaphor of independent thought and deep understanding of life, things that are usually born in the trying circumstances and always give us strenght to make the impossible become possible. 

"Tree in the Mountains", 18x23cm, oil on board

I hope you like it.
Until next week then. Can't wait to see you! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, 21 July 2014

"After Sunset"

The idea for this painting came to me after taking an evening walk some time ago. I know that the sun sets every day, but what I saw that evening was really amazing. The sun was giving a goodbye spectacle, or rather a goodbye hug, because everything within it's reach seemed to be wrapped around by it with such intensity that it almost felt like a last burst of emotions before it's disappearing. 

I remember going back home when the night was inevitably spreading it's wings over the world. The sun was long gone but it's light still echoed across the land, as if repeating: "Remember, after every sunset there is a sunrise ...". 

"After Sunset", 30x40 cm, oil on board

See you next time! Have a great week :)

Monday, 14 July 2014


The ability of asking questions is a part of our humanity. True, it does help us survive in this world, but it also enables us to wonder about the deeper side of life. 

I have painted question in a form of a bright shape on a dark bacground. Now, some might say that it should be the other way round, since questions come from the lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom perhaps. But for me asking questions IS wisdom and I like to remind myself from time to time the well-known Socratic paradox: "I know that I know nothing".

"Question", 50x50cm, acrylic on paper

See you next time. Have a great week!

Monday, 7 July 2014

"Dry Leaf"

Nature will never cease to amaze me, whether it's a beautiful flower or a dry leaf. There are so many forms and shapes that one lifetime isn't enough to capture all the beauty of the world.

However, we can always try ... :)

"Dry Leaf", 22x30 cm, pencil on paper

Have a great week!