Monday, 23 February 2015

"Gold of the Aztecs"

There are many theories about the gold of the Aztecs and what it really was. As an artist I'm inclined to think that it is always art and crafts that are the most precious things that a civilisation has to offer. That's why I would see the artistic heritage of the Aztecs as the real treasure. Of course everyone is entitled to their own hypotheses :) My abstract work is titled Gold of the Aztecs, but it leaves much room for interpretation, as the subject is and probably always will be open.

"Gold of the Aztecs", 15x20cm, oil pastels on paper

Monday, 16 February 2015

Study of Onion Skin

This is a small watercolour study in which I tried to capture the lightness and fragility of an onion skin. There's always so much to learn from the simplest objects. I love the colour scale of onions, the browns and golds, and the delicate stripes that go from the roots up. It's a small detail which gives a lot of character.

Study of Onion Skin, 8x10,5cm, watercolour on paper

Monday, 9 February 2015

"Magic Well"

I like legends, fairy tales and myths, because they are a great source of inspiration. Every such story has a huge potential of sparking the imagination of an artist. The picture I'm showing you today has a fantastic title and connections, however it's been inspired by a traditional medieval music that I have found lately on a youtube channel called Traditional Music Channel. The music was so wonderful that it made me imagine all those incredible things people used to belive back then and this picture simply happened :)

"Magic Well", 15x20cm, oil pastels on paper

Monday, 2 February 2015


The air becomes dense as the sun sinks.
Everything is still and yet the wind of suspicions
Seems to crack the walls and open the windows
Sweeping away every trace of you in me.
The night chill is on its way.
Everything has to give in under its piercing stare.
I will hide from it and warm myself by the fire,
But I fear it will come anyway and put out the fire inside me.

"Waiting", 15x20cm, acrylic and collage on paper