Friday, 9 May 2014


One of the things that fascinate and inspire me most is the universe and its mysteries. I love to watch the sky in the late night hours when everything around is asleep and imagine all those incredible things going on out there, in the ever expanding space, wandering how we came to be. 

"Journey", 50x50 cm, oil on canvas


  1. I have a fascination for what's out there in space too and this painting of yours captures everything so well, the power it holds - the unknown, light in darkness, everything. I noticed you had visited my blog, thankyou. You have some varied and beautiful art work here, soft and with a very pleasant aura of light in each one so I do admire all of it! but the space painting 'speaks' the loudest to me. Betty

    1. Thank you, Betty :) I'm really happy that you like ma paintings. I've always found the wonders of the universe mindblowing,and beautiful at the same time. And because it's still unknown, it sparks my imagination even more.