Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Study of a Celery"

When I draw from nature I always marvel at the beauty of the world even if it's as simple as this celery. We live in the age of technology and we take thousands of photos of the world around us. But there's nothing like sitting quietly and observing a simple thing you think you know very well ...

"Study of a celery", 11x14cm, pencil on paper


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, even the simplest things can make us fall in love with the world.

  2. Hello Marielle. It is good to meet you and thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    Stopping/pausing to observe something is a wonderful practice and you have done this well here. I really like the reflection. Thanks for sharing this 'quiet moment'. I needed this today.

    1. Oh Jim, this is the best reward for an artist. Thank you so much ...

  3. Not being an artist by any means, I do like the colours you have used here along with an overall Picasso flavour. i like this.